Tim Hansford

trojansI am one of two, yes, I am a twin.  My twin sister is 8 minutes younger then I am, and no we are not identical, her mustache grows in much fuller then mine.

I graduated from Chesterton High School with the class of 1991, I became an Operating Engineer with Local 150, and took a short break in action to join the U.S. Navy for four years. 

I started out at Great Lakes Naval Boot Camp, from there I went to Philadelphia for advanced welding training to be made a Hull Technician.  Where I graduated first in my class, and choose my orders to Groton, CT. Sub Base.  There I worked on 688 Fast Attach Submarines. 


My next stop in the Navy was to report to the USS Frank Cable AS-4 , a sub-tender, stationed at Charleston, South Carolina.  This was my last stop in the Navy and I left as a Hull Technician Second Class Petty Officer, for 4 years of service.

On my return home, I returned to the local where I have been working as a Union Heavy Equipment Operator.

On July 3rd, 2005 I married my beautiful wife, Michele (Blackwell), and I have two beautiful daughters, Miranda Ann and Savannah Nacole.

I have lived all my life in Northwest Indiana, except for during my enlistment to the Navy.  And returned home, only to buy the house of my very first boss, across the street from my folks, Louis & Rosie Hansford.

33I enjoy Trains from the real thing and down to the smallest of models.  I am also into the hobby of High Powered Rocketry.  Snowmobiling, Camping, Fishing and computers a just a few more of the things I enjoy doing.  And let’s not forget I like to cook and love to BBQ.

My latest journey I have started in my life, was becoming a Mason.  This has been one of the greatest ventures of my life.  From there, I have also branched out to become a Noble of the Shriners and a Sir Knight of the York Rite.

Foremost I enjoy my Family, and look forward to spending time with them